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Hi My name is K L Gardner. I am a UK resident with a huge interest in Rabbits,Rodents and Amphibians.I have over 20 years experience in keeping Rabbits, Rodents, Reptiles and Amphibians, Dogs and Fish.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked in a wholesale petfood warehouse giving advise on pet nutrition pet equiptment and general care/husbandry. Also i have worked in a large petstore as a Certified animal care Supervisor and consultant with aquatics, reptiles, birds and small animals giving advice to customers and staff and supervising the care of the animals in store as well as overlooking the treatment of sick and injured animals.I have worked in a dog kennels/cattery and have owned a variety of pets.and wish to share those experiences and hopefully you will appreciate and treasure my shared memories of my little furry friends and use the knowledge i give you to help look after your own pets.

The information I give is accurate and to make sure of this i have done extra research in the areas that i am advising in, through my own experience and while consulting vets.

I am certifed in: Animal nutrition and petcare/store management level 3. This includes animal husbandry, hygiene, retail and animal welfare law, lagomorphs(rabbits), rodents(Cavies/Guinea Pigs Rats and mice and the alike), Reptiles and Aquatics. I have also attended a Reptile keeping course.I am also certified in general retail and retail law.

There are pages with pet keeping information on this site and rescue centre links and general links. I hope you find these helpful.

If your pet is injured or ill veterinary attention must always be the first priority.
If you are financially unable to pay for the treatment then seek an animal charity for help.
PSDA in the UK are a charity that help people on benefits and low income
There are various animal charities by district in the USA that will be happy to help your pet get the treatment it needs.
Not seeking help for you pet is a violation and you could be prosecuted or jailed for animal cruelty and banned from keeping animals.